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KOA camping is a vital asset for RV travelers. These campgrounds provide all the necessary RV utilities and accommodations for stopping over for the night, enjoying the area for a few days, or staying for an extended period. But, each campground falls into one of three categories that determines what amenities you can expect.

Learn everything you need to know about the three types of KOA campgrounds you find in North America. Find out what amenities, utilities, activities, and luxuries to expect from each type of campground. And, see which type of KOA campground you and your family want to set as a destination for your next RV adventure.

The 3 Different Types of KOA Camping: Journey, Holiday, and Resort

There are around 500 KOA camping facilities scattered across the United States and Canada that are perfectly suited for your fifth-wheel RV or toy hauler. Each KOA is privately owned and operated and conforms to standard operating procedures that ensure reliability. So, when you pull into a KOA, you know exactly what you’re getting.

A KOA campground provides a safe and reliable pull-in for RVers traveling far and wide. And, some campgrounds are more robust than others, providing additional amenities and experiences for travelers and campers. KOA defines three types of campgrounds: KOA Journey, KOA Holiday, and KOA Resort campgrounds.

What Can You Expect at Any KOA?

The basics are standard at any KOA campground, which makes cross-country travel more fun and easy for the whole family to enjoy. No matter what KOA you pull into, you have access to free Wifi, a pet park, laundry, playground facilities, and a basic convenience store. From there, each owner can provide additional amenities and features within the campground that extends and enhances the camping experience at their park.

What is a KOA Journey Campground?

A KOA Journey campground is ideal for RV travelers looking for a safe and efficient place to stay for the night. In addition to the amenities listed above, every KOA Journey campsite is easily accessible from the nearest highway and especially suited for a large fifth wheel, toy haulers, and Class-C RVs. Your RV site offers a long pull-through, 50-amp service, and accommodates after-hours check-in. And, there is an on-site store with a robust selection of RV and camping equipment within walking distance of your RV site. 

What is a KOA Holiday Campground?

If you want to park the RV for a couple of days or more, a KOA Holiday campground provides the perfect solution. In addition to all the amenities of a KOA Journey, the Holiday campgrounds offer vacation amenities and activities. For starters – every RV site includes a patio and some include a built-in hot tub.

When you leave your RV site you can go for a swim in the pool or laze in the jacuzzi, enjoy the fitness center, or play in the game room. There are activities for adults, children, and the whole family to take part in. KOA Holiday campgrounds are a great choice when visiting popular tourist destinations nearby, such as a city, amusement park, or National Park.

What is a KOA Resort Campground?

KOA Resort campgrounds are as close to “glamping” as it gets, and they offer an upgrade to the KOA Holiday experience. These sites include premium vacation amenities and cater to extended stays for families and groups. The features you find at a KOA resort are inclusive of all services you need throughout your stay.

Each RV site includes a patio with a grill, furniture, and lighting. The resort-style campground often features food and drink vendors, activities, parks, tours, pools, games – and more. KOA Resorts are often located within popular tourist destinations, such as Mount Rushmore, the Aderondikes, and Nashville, Tennessee. These are the perfect places to park your RV for a week or more as you explore and relax in the luxurious surroundings.

No matter where your RV takes you, there is always a KOA nearby. And when you’re on the road in your RV, it’s nice to know that you can rely on a site that will have all the necessities – and a little extra luxury. Talk to an Alliance RV associate about how to make your KOA camping experience better with a luxury fifth wheel or toy hauler RV.


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