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Multifunctional Premium Haulers
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Bring all your toys with you, where ever you go

You have family, toys, gear and the intense personal desire to explore the outdoors. Courageously take adventure head on with the most versatile multi-zone living vehicle designed by RVers for RVers. Valor by ALLIANCE RV is packed with adventure-ready quality equipment for the extreme journey from performance running gear to the coolest HVAC system on the market.


Exterior images are not model specific, this gallery is a representative of the exterior colors and graphics that are common across each individual brand.

2024 Valor Exterior Standard Paint Front Three Quarter
2024 Valor Exterior Standard Paint Side View
2024 Valor Exterior Standard Paint Rear Three Quarter
101 Customer Driven Features Valor Cover



Our Goal is to provide the absolute best customer RV ownership experience. 
As an independent, owner operated company our team is empowered to do things differently and Do the Right Thing.

With all of us going the extra mile to Do the Right Thing, Alliance RV provides superior products that are more innovative, perform better, look better, and last longer, delivering you the very best ownership experience.

Download 101 Customer Driven Features PDF

Camp Ready Performance Audit

1. Camp Ready Performance Audit

We are going the extra mile to help ensure your Alliance RV is “Camp Ready”.  With holding tanks full, Alliance RVs hits the open road for a 15-minute “shakedown” test tow that includes bumps, turns and rapid stops.  This open road test identifies any potential concerns that would have only shown up when the coach was in transit to you and your dealer.  Following the test drive, we bring the coach into our dedicated Performance Audit Bay for another round of systems checks and white glove inspection.  Upon a 100% successful Performance Audit,  we deem the RV to truly be “Camp Ready”!

A Meaningful Warranty Graphic

2. A Meaningful Warranty

Every Alliance RV is generously backed with a 3-year limited structural and 1-year limited base warranty.  Further, what really makes Alliance RV stand out is our willingness to communicate our guiding principle of “Do The Right Thing”.  We understand there is not a one size fits all solution when it comes to your warranty and service needs.  Our ability to keep open lines of communication with both you and your Alliance dealer will help us find a creative service solution for your specific case.  Add to this the unique service and warranty programs we have implemented for our Alliance dealers to streamline the approval process and parts delivery times… all towards the mission of getting our Alliance RV owners back on the road faster and enhancing your RV ownership experience.  If you ever want to speak with one of our customer service representatives, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (574) 226-0140.

Warranty For Full-Time RVing Graphic

3. Warranty For Full-Time RVing

Full-time RVing won’t void your Alliance RV warranty! Many manufacturers incorporate language that voids the warranty in the case of full time RVing.

Space Saver Upper Deck Graphic

4. Space Saver Upper Deck

Engineers were able to redesign the upper deck to be stronger, while flattening the deck to eliminate the toe breaker steps typically found in this space. Stronger design + flush upper deck = smarter chassis.

Rota-Flex Pin Box Graphic

5. Rota-Flex Pinbox

The Rota-Flex pinbox has a pivoting head with built in rubber block to reduce chucking and absorb road shock while towing.

Run Full Holding Tanks Graphic

6. Run Full Holding Tanks

We know its not always possible to empty the holding tanks before hitting the road. We’ve all seen tanks fall out of the bottom of an RV and we have made it a priority to eliminate this from happening in an Alliance RV.

Our fresh tanks are encased in a robust steel cage. Waste tanks are molded to rest on full length steel Z rails and secured with steel straps to prevent shifting in transit.

Drop Frame and Tank Sizes Graphic

7. Drop Frame and Tank Sizes

Our Benchmark drop frame design raises the bar on front storage, increasing the volume of the storage compartment by over 30%. 

Class leading tank sizes:
98 Gal. Fresh / 106 Gal. Gray / 106 Gal. Black

Running Gear Redefined Graphic - 2" Torsion Tube Graphic

8. RUNNING GEAR REDEFINED - 2” Torsion Tube welded to the I-beam for unbeatable strength and rigidity

Building on the latest advancement in chassis design, we have strategically selected our Performance Running Gear system to address the common failures often seen at this pricepoint.

  • 2” Torsion Tube welded to the I-beam for unbeatable strength and rigidity
Running Gear Redefined Graphic - Spring Hangers Graphic

9. Running Gear Redefined - Spring Hangers with V-Bracket Reinforcement

Building on the latest advancement in chassis design, we have strategically selected our Performance Running Gear system to address the common failures often seen at this pricepoint.

  • Spring Hangers with V-Bracket Reinforcement
Running Gear Redefined - Dexter Heavy Duty 4K Springs Graphic

10. Running Gear Redefined - Dexter Heavy Duty 4K Springs

Building on the latest advancement in chassis design, we have strategically selected our Performance Running Gear system to address the common failures often seen at this pricepoint.

  • Dexter Heavy Duty 4K Springs (not typical 3.5K)
Running Gear Redefined - Dexter 7,000 lbs Axles Graphic

11. Running Gear Redefined - Dexter 7,000 lbs Axles

Building on the latest advancement in chassis design, we have strategically selected our Performance Running Gear system to address the common failures often seen at this pricepoint.

  • Dexter 7,000 Lb. Axles
Running Gear Redefined Graphic - Super G - 4,400 Lb Rated Tires Graphic

12. Running Gear Redefined - Super G 4,400 lbs Rated Tires

Building on the latest advancement in chassis design, we have strategically selected our Performance Running Gear system to address the common failures often seen at this pricepoint.

  • Super G- 4,400 Lb. Rated Tires

Our 14-ply, steel belted tires are rated 320 lbs. higher than the typical G-range tires used by many competitors.
Tires are covered by Lionshead (12) month No Excuses Guarantee program and a (5) year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. (See Lionshead product warranty policy for details.)

RUNNING GEAR REDEFINED - MorRyde CRE3000 Suspension System Graphic

13. RUNNING GEAR REDEFINED - MorRyde CRE3000 Suspension System

Building on the latest advancement in chassis design, we have strategically selected our Performance Running Gear system to address the common failures often seen at this pricepoint.

  • MorRyde CRE3000 Suspension System
Running Gear Redefined - MorRyde Heavy Shackles Graphic

14. Running Gear Redefined - MorRyde Heavy Shackles

Building on the latest advancement in chassis design, we have strategically selected our Performance Running Gear system to address the common failures often seen at this pricepoint.

  • MorRyde Heavy Duty ½” Thick Shackles and Wet Bolt Kit
All-In-One Utility CENTER Graphic

15. All-In-One Utility Center

The Alliance Utility Center brings vital connections to one convenient location for management of water hookups, coaxial connections, battery shut off, and tank pulls. Additionally there is a light for when the sun is down, a quick connect sprayer to wash up after dealing with the business end, and a 110V outlet for your convenience.



Real PEX(Cross-linked polyethylene) water lines are used throughout to create a reliable and temperature resistant plumbing system. Traditional braided lines (commonly used by some manufacturers) provide an inferior fit at the connection points, making them more susceptible to water leaks.

SHUT-OFF Valves AT Plumbing FIXTURES Graphic

17. SHUT-OFF Valves AT Plumbing FIXTURES

Don’t let a leaky toilet or dripping sink shut down the water supply to your whole coach. Simply shut off the dedicated valve to the toilet or sink and address the issue at your leisure.

Bonus Front Storage Graphic

18. Bonus Front Storage

Additional storage is found up front, above the generator and battery compartment, for gear, tools and more. Alliance takes advantage of every square inch so you have the space you need for that extended stay. 

SLAM LATCH Baggage DOORS Graphic


Slam latches and automotive bulb seals keep the baggage compartments tight, dry, and secured. Large handles for easy opening and convenient access to your gear.

Individually Keyed units eliminate universal keys for added security.

Painted Front Cap Graphic

20. Painted Front Cap

We paint our front cap to match the sidewall color.
The automotive paint is durable and long lasting, looks fantastic, and protects the value of your investment.

Automotive Vinyl Graphics

21. Automotive Vinyl Graphics

Valor features vinyl film graphics that are vibrant, durable and long lasting. Our vinyl film graphics have minimal shrinkage and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Your exterior graphics will look great for years!

Textured Embossed Skirt Graphic

22. Textured Embossed Skirt

Attention to detail sets Valor apart from the rest. Our skirt metal has an attractive texture where most others are smooth and lack style.

Dual 30 pound LP Graphic

23. Dual 30 pound LP

Extend your RV stay a little longer with 60 pounds of LP in two 30 pound tanks, located on both sides of the coach for even weight distribution and equipped with an auto changeover valve. 

Six Point Auto Level Graphic

24. Six Point Auto Level

Six point hydraulic auto leveling is faster, stronger, quieter, and makes short work of leveling your coach so you can get to relaxing. We mount the control panel in a compartment on the off-door side by the front jacks.

Oversized Awnings Graphic

25. Oversized Awnings

Alliance maximizes the usability of your patio with huge awnings made of dark material that blocks more sun.

These awning arms don’t have the traditional wingnut adjustment. A friction hinge and gas strut provide easy, one handed adjustments and act as a shock absorber should a wind gust catch the awning.

Includes a manual override in case of no power.

Awning patio LED lighting Graphic

26. Awning patio LED lighting

Enjoy your patio lights with or without the awning out. 

Our patio awning LED lighting is mounted to the sidewall so you don’t have to run your awning out all the way to reveal the lights.

Off Door Side Security Light Graphic

27. Off Door Side Security Light

Enjoy added security and peace of mind being able to see at night on the off door side of your unit. The off door side security light is on an independent switch.

PVC Roof Graphic

28. PVC Roof

We protect your investment from the top down with a seamless PVC roof material that is more puncture resistant than the TPO used by many others. PVC is ultra bright white and more solar reflective to help keep your unit cool. Last but not least, in the unlikely event of a roof tear, it can be repaired simply with a patch of the same PVC material and PVC cement from your local hardware store.

Heated and enclosed underbelly With TANK PADS Graphic

29. Heated and Enclosed Underbelly

Extend your RVing season into the cooler months with a heated and enclosed underbelly.

12-volt tank heat pads are standard on all fresh, gray and black tanks.

Double Insulated Roof Fiberglass and Reflective graphic

30. Double Insulated Roof Fiberglass and Reflective

When it comes to insulation, we install the best of both schools of thought with traditional fiberglass batten insulation and a seamless layer of reflective material for maximum efficiency in hot and cold climates.

Laminated Walls Graphic

31. Laminated Walls

A reliable sidewall begins with a durable frame made of high grade aluminum that is professionally welded and reinforced at stress points. Block foam insulation fills all the voids in the framework and it is all sandwiched between an AZDEL composite substrate and fiberglass on the outside and interior wallboard on the inside. The entire wall assembly is laminated and cured to perfection for the ultimate sidewall.

Alliance sidewalls, slide face and end walls are all laminated.



It is a spectacular sight to see the setting sun reflected in the high gloss fiberglass finish on the Valor. This high gloss will last for years and keep your coach looking spectacular for many sunsets to come.

Access Hatch in Pass Through Graphic

33. Access Hatch in Pass Through

Alliance Basement storage compartments are insulated, heated, illuminated, and finished with a durable Congoleum floor and automotive trunk carpet to protect your cargo. Our basement compartments feature easy access to mechanicals with a full size access hatch that swings out and can be removed.

Patio Side Spray Port Graphic

34. Patio Side Spray Port

A convenient quick connect coil hose sprayer is included that can hook up on the patio side of the coach for rinsing off feet, pets, and even grandkids before entering. A second spray port is located on the off-door side in the utility center. The hose stores neatly in the compartment and is resistant to tangles and kinks. The coil hose stretches approximately eight feet.

Patio Side LP Quick Connect Graphic

35. Patio side LP Quick Connect

No need for all the little portable LP cylinders when you have 60 pounds on-board. With a patio side LP hookup you can conveniently use your camp grill or patio heater to dine and entertain.

Solid Step Entry Graphic

36. Solid Step Entry

Solid Step entry is solid unlike traditional fold-away steps that are flimsy and bouncy. One finger is all it takes to lift the solid steps up to stow away for travel

Under-Frame Patio Lighting Graphic

37. Under-Frame Patio Lighting

Patio side under-frame LED lighting adds a nice touch to your patio experience, lighting the ground up for your enjoyment and safety. Not to mention, it just looks cool!

Triple A/C Standard Graphic

38. Triple A/C Standard

Triple 13,500 BTU, ultra quiet, independently controlled direct flow A/C units maximize cooling capacity. 

Ultra Quiet Ductless Design Graphic

39. Ultra Quiet Ductless Design

Ducts reduce cooling efficiency. Our ductless A/Cs deliver 100% of the cold air produced by the A/C units directly into the RV (with the exception of the third A/C where there are walls in the way and we duct the bare minimum length to cool the bathroom.) Our system is very quiet, using the latest Mach NDQ series Non Ducted Quiet air conditioners. Operating at only 51-57 decibels, you can easily hold a conversation and enjoy TV. Each A/C unit only draws 10.4 Amps on high.
2 A/C’s easily run on 30 Amp service
3 A/C’s easily run on 50 Amp service

Individually Controlled Graphic

40. Individually Controlled

Have it your way! All three A/C units are individually controlled offering an infinite combination of settings for maximum comfort and convenience.

40,000 BTU Furnace Graphic

41. 40,000 BTU Furnace

40,000 BTUs of forced air heat runs through flex ducts connected to formed ducts in the floor. Our heating ducts are designed to be as short as possible to minimize heat loss experienced in long duct runs and maximize comfort throughout the coach.

There are also dedicated heat vents  into the basement and underbelly to keep the tanks and your gear cozy warm in the cooler seasons.

Electric Fireplace Graphic

42. Electric Fireplace

For the spring and fall days when the temperature does not justify firing up the furnace, the 5,000 BTU fireplace takes the chill out of the room without using LP. Fully adjustable, you can also enjoy the ambiance of the fireplace without heating up the room.

No Carpet Zone Grahpic


You spoke. We listened. Vinyl flooring throughout (No Carpet)

Aluminum Framed and Insulated Floor Graphic

44. Aluminum Framed and Insulated Floor

Superior floor construction begins with a lightweight rigid aluminum frame that is insulated with fiberglass and a reflective foil barrier. Then a seamless sheet of 5/8” Truboard is secured on top and the bottom is wrapped in a durable woven poly stranded material.

Flush Floor Kitchen Slide Graphic

45. FLush Floor Kitchen Slide

No more raised slideroom floor in the kitchen to stub your toes on. No more awkward footing or leaning way over to prepare  your food.




Floor vents are an eye-sore, foot-sore and a catch-all for dirt and trash. Our vents are mounted out of sight and off the main floor where they won’t catch your bare foot in the dark by surprise.



Alliance has bigger windows and more of them than anyone else. Enjoy a High Definition view of your surroundings. 

Optional Three Seasons Patio Door Graphic

48. Optional Three Seasons Patio Door in Place of Pull Down Screen

Between the garage and ramp patio is our three season patio door that keeps the bugs out and the climate controlled air in. Built in screens also alow you to enjoy the fresh outdoors. The door folds neatly out of the way for loading the garage 



Get more fresh air inside! Bedroom and living areas have strategically placed Atrium windows that open wide to create excellent cross ventilation in the living area and bedroom.

Pull Down Roller Night Shades Graphic

50. Pull Down Roller Night Shades

Whether you want to block out the bright light of day or have some privacy in the night hours, trust roller shades for quality and ease of operation.



The kitchen is equipped with MaxXFan roof vent standard. This high powered fan can exchange the room air quickly and will close down at the first sign of rain with the built in rain sensor.



Our Kensington furniture features a high quality polyurethane based fabric from the RICHLOOM Tough Collection. This is a non-bonded material that is resistant to the cracking and peeling often seen with inferior bonded fabrics. This fabric carries an extended RICHLOOM three year warranty. 

Power Recline Graphic

53. Power Recline

Enjoy reclining comfort with the push of a button. 

Hidden Arm Rest Drink Holders Graphic

54. Hidden Arm Rest Drink Holders

Kensington furniture does not sacrifice style for convenience. Drink holders are there when you need them and stylishly concealed when you don’t

110v and USB Convenience Power Center Graphic

55. 110v and USB Convenience Power Center

Power your laptop and charge your phone while relaxing in style on the  Kensington sofa.

Soft Close Cabinet Doors Graphic

56. Soft Close Cabinet Doors

Not only do hidden soft close hinges look great, they are very functional. Soft close hinges prevent slamming, which can weaken door joints and pull screws loose from the stiles. Soft close hinges close tightly in conjunction with magnetic latches and they stay closed in transit keeping your gear in the cabinet where it belongs.



A residential luxury worth having. We use heavy duty ball bearing drawer glides for an added measure of quality and strength.

Reinforced Drawer Bottoms Graphic

58. Reinforced Drawer Bottoms

We reinforce to bottom of every drawer preventing the silverware from ending up in the next drawer down. We put 90 pounds of exercise weights in a drawer to demonstrate our durability. (Don’t try this in competitor’s flimsy drawers.)

Innovative Storage Solutions - Flip Up Island Table Graphic

59. Innovative Storage Solutions - Flip Up Island Table

Isle space by day and table by meal time! Haulers are limited on living space, and the flip up island table makes the most of the available space to enhance your experience.

Innovative Storage Solutions - Shoe Storage Graphic

60. Innovative Storage Solutions - Shoe Storage

Under step shoe storage. As you walk in the door, what better place to take your shoes off and have a place to stash them out of the way yet handy for when you’re ready to go back outside again.

Residential Microwave Graphic

61. Residential Microwave

Our over-the-range microwave is a residential appliance with large capacity and high wattage.

  • Convection
  • Auto-cook settings
  • Multi power levels
  • Express cook
  • Energy saving Eco mode
  • Two speed exhaust fan
  • Removable rack
  • Task light
  • 12.4” glass turntable
  • Safety features
Built-in Range & Oven Graphic

62. Built-In Range & Oven

12 Volt ignition makes this built-in stove and cook top a boondocking enthusiast’s dream. All the capacity to cook a Thanksgiving dinner while offering additional countertop space with a glass flip top when the burners are not in use.
Three burners are sure to provide flexibility to cook any meal.
Last but not least, there is a storage pull out drawer below the oven for cookware and larger items.
Stainless steel construction for long lasting functionality and beauty complement the other appliances in the kitchen area.

Stainless Steel Farm Sink Graphic

63. Stainless Steel Farm Sink

This customer driven feature is sure to please anyone using the kitchen. The residential sized stainless steel farm sink and pull out sprayer faucet makes it easy to clean even the biggest pots and pans. A convenient roll out slotted drying rack is included.

17 Cu. Ft. 12 Volt RV Refrigerator Graphic

64. 17 Cu. Ft. 12 Volt RV Refrigerator

Part of the Masters of 12 Volt package and engineered specifically for RVing, this massive refrigerator is the key to longer boondocking. It offers faster cooling and efficient operation on renewable 12 volt energy from the lithium iron battery and is charged by 640 watt solar panels.
Boondock longer!

Adjustable Pantry Shelves and Motion Light Graphic

65. Adjustable Pantry Shelves and Motion Light

Large pantry with adjustable shelves conforms tyou your storage needs. Motion lighting provided where you
have your hands full and can’t easily reach a switch.

Living Room 50" Class HD TV Graphic

66. Living Room 50" Class HD TV

Living rooms feature residential size HD TVs for the best entertainment experience.

12 Volt Garage & Bedroom TVs Graphic

67. 12 Volt Garage & Bedroom TVs

Enjoy off grid entertainment anywhere with 12 volt TVs in the garage and bedroom.

TV Hookup Graphic

68. TV Hookup

At Alliance we have made the TV hookup experience simple and easy to use. ALLTV is designed to bring satellite, cable and antenna connections to all the TV locations throughout your RV.

JBL Audiotainment System Graphic

69. JBL Audiotainment System

AM/FM, USB, Bluetooth Audiotainment system brings the best of modern entertainment to your fingertips. JBL speakers create BIG sound in a small space. For even more control, download the JBL app to control your system from a smart phone or tablet, answer phone calls, stream media from your phone to the TV, play media from a flash drive and more.



With all the cell phones, tablets, earbuds, GPS units, and other electronic devices you can’t have too many USB charge ports. 2x2x2 is a phrase you might hear in an Alliance RV referring to 2 USBs in the end tables, 2 USBs in the theater seats and 2 USBs in the bedroom nightstands.

Remember your ABCs
Always Be Charging

Smart Wire - Color Coded and Numbered Wire Graphic

71. Smart Wire - Color Coded and Numbered Wire

Ever wonder which wires run where? We are not afraid to show you what is behind the covers. In fact, we are proud of the extra effort put into keeping the wiring and plumbing neat and organized. This extra effort helps prevent problems and saves hours on diagnosing trouble down the way.  Color coded and numbered wiring makes for quicker repairs and simplifies do-it-yourself projects.

Most RV wiring looks like spaghetti. All the wires look the same, with no telling where they run, and they are all tangled up in a jumbled mess.

Conveniently located and clearly marked Breaker/Fuse box Graphic

72. Conveniently located and clearly marked Breaker/Fuse box

We position our breaker/fuse boxes where you can get to them easily, and we clearly mark every breaker and fuse.
We also provide a smart wire code guide so you can easily identify and trace wiring back to the source.

Control Center Graphic

73. Control Center

Generally located near the entrance, our control center is easy to read and use. Every switch is marked clearly and organized logically. 



No more waiting for all the slides to run out in sequence to get to the one you really want. Say you’re at a rest stop and you just want to run out one slide so you can get to the bedroom, bathroom, or refrigerator. No problem. Simply run that slide out as far as you need.

Dimmable LED Flush Can Lighting Graphic

75. Dimmable LED Flush Can Lighting

RV LED lighting is very bright and can be blinding. Alliance offers a twenty first century solution. A dimmer switch gives you control of your lighting in the living area and bedroom. It is a simple solution that most RV makers neglect to address. Our LED ceiling lights are a flush mount can style like what you see in todays homes.


76. LED Accent Lighting

Alliance features LED accent lighting built into the crown molding, kitchen sink, select cabinets, and even the bathroom mirror. Create an appealing indirect glow that looks great day or night. Pendants with heavy glass globes swing and rip out of the ceiling when the trailer makes an abrupt stop. Our lightweight pendant lights don’t have the mass and inertia to get moving and rip out at abrupt stops.

The Masters of 12 Volt - 100 AMP Hour Lithium Phosphate Battery Graphic

77. The Masters of 12 Volt - 100 AMP Hour Lithium Phosphate Battery

Equivalent of two traditional RV batteries and 1/5 the weight!

The Masters of 12 Volt - Battery Monitoring System Graphic

78. The Masters of 12 Volt - Battery Monitoring System

Know exactly what is really going on with real time monitoring of power usage and battery condition.

The Masters of 12 Volt - Efficiency Power Generator Graphic

79. The Masters of 12 Volt - Efficiency Power Generator

640 watts of high efficiency, pure power generation.

Testing shows that this combination of components outperforms traditional solar packages hands down.

Weather Resistant Ramp Patio Graphic

80. Weather Resistant Ramp Patio

Ramp doors are not just for loading anymore. Our ramp doors are weather resistant and engineered to give you 60 square feet of elevated patio space attached to the garage.

Insulated Garage Floor Graphic

81. Insulated Garage Floor

Insulating the garage floor helps keep the garage area comfortable in cold and hot conditions while also reducing noise, making the garage area quieter and more enjoyable for everyone.

L-Track Graphic

82. L-Track

D rings are never where you need them for securing items of varying size and shape. L-Track offers infinite arrangements of anchor points to tie down almost anything.

On-Board Compressor Graphic

83. On-Board Compressor

Tires and inflatables are topped of with ease using the built-in 12 Volt air compressor with hose connections on both sides of the garage.

Fuel Tanks Graphic

84. Fuel Tanks

Dual 30 gallon fuel tanks are on-board. One is dedicated to the generator and the other for toys. Convenient gas station pump style fill hose and nozzle offers clean and safe filling of your toys. The fill hose compartment is lockable for security and vented for safety.

Roof Access Ladder Graphic

85. Roof Access Ladder

Easily and safely access your roof for maintenance without getting out a stepladder. The roof access ladder folds up and locks neatly against the sidewall for travel.

King Bed Standard Graphic

86. King Bed Standard

Sleep like Royalty on our standard King size bed. Walk around the bed to easily get in and out on both sides like you do at home in your bedroom.
(Optional Queen bed - available)

Overhead Bed Window Graphic

87. Overhead Bed Window

Many RV bedrooms are dark and feel confined. We install a window above the headboard to let in light and open the room up for a bright, spacious feel. You can even open the window on those cool summer nights.

Padded Headboard Graphic

88. Padded Headboard

Watching TV or reading a good book, the padded headboard is a comfortable alternative to hard wooden headboards that serve no purpose. This is just another example of Alliance listening to customers and implementing the feedback.

Happi Jack Graphic

89. Happi Jack

Valor garages feature Happi Jack bunks and sofas that elevate to make room for cargo or lower for seating and sleeping 

Under-Bed Storage Graphic

90. Under-Bed Storage

Huge under-bed storage compartment with gas struts to assist in opening 18.75 cubic feet of finished storage space. This space is perfect for the folding dinette chars, extra blankets, sleeping bags or totes full of gear you want access to without going outside to the basement compartments.

Deep Bedroom Dressers Graphic

91. Deep Bedroom Dressers

When it comes to storage, size does matter. Many RV dressers have lots of drawers but they are so shallow you can’t fit much of anything in them. Alliance dresser drawers are deep front to back and top to bottom like a residential dresser. You can keep real adult size clothes in these drawers. All the dresser drawers are mounted on heavy duty ball bearing drawer glides with soft close and are reinforced on the underside for maximum usability.
There is shoe storage below.

Dresser Top Hidden Storage Graphic

92. Dresser Top Hidden Storage

Hidden in the dresser, is a place to keep your jewelry, watch, wallet, or anything you want out of sight but still handy. The dresser top is only half lid. The other half is stationary so you can keep some things on top and still access the hidden compartment.

Personal Reading Lights Graphic

93. Personal Reading Lights

Above the headboard are ceiling mounted, LED reading lights. Each light is individually pushbutton switched and easy to reach. 

Rustic Sliding Barn Doors Graphic

94. Rustic Sliding Barn Doors

In an RV, every square inch of floorspace counts. Sliding barn doors offer the privacy of a solid swinging door but take up half the floorspace of a pocket door since there isn’t a second wall to surround it, and there is no swinging door to get in the way... It is the best of both worlds, and they look great. Heavy duty rolling hardware and a steel track make for smooth operation while tie-backs keep the door in place during transit.

Huge Closets Graphic

95. Huge Closets

Could there be such a thing as too much closet? Face it, we all have lots of stuff, and most RVs simply do not provide much closet space. Valor fifth wheels have some of the biggest closets on the market with hanging storage, shelf storage and cubbies.  *Closets Vary by Model.

Washer Dryer Prep Graphic

96. Washer Dryer Prep

We make it easy to add a washer and dryer with dedicated locations pre-engineered to accept the washer and dryer with 110 volt outlets, color coded hot and cold water hookups, drain connection and outside vent location, all ready for a quick and easy upgrade.

LED Backlit Mirrors Graphic

97. LED Backlit Mirrors

Often seen in expensive hotels and luxurious residential homes, backlit mirrors are a great night light or just a pleasing indirect accent light to set your bathroom apart from the rest.

Solid Surface Counter Tops Graphic

98. Solid Surface Counter Tops

The residential choice in countertops is now standard in your RV. Solid surface countertops are food safe, easy to keep clean and stay looking beautiful for years to come. Solid surface is made of the same material throughout so it can be buffed and polished to remove small scratches that can happen with everyday use.  Many models feature a flip up countertop extension for dining, serving or food preparation.

48" Residential Showers Graphic

99. 48" Residential Showers

No more tiny Neo-Angle showers! Alliance residential showers are huge and packed with great features. From the ground up, the reinforced fiberglass base is solid and does not flex under your feet, which can break the seal around the drain. The shower surround is a seamless material that is mold and stain resistant. Easy clean: wipe down with a soft cloth and mild detergent. The shower head is mounted high enough for the tall folks to enjoy without stooping down.

Triple Glass Sliding Shower Door Graphic

100. Triple Glass Sliding Shower Door

This space saving design allows you to open the shower up wide for easy and safe entry without big swinging doors getting in the way and dripping all over the floor. A simple travel lock keeps the doors secure while on the road. The anodized aluminum frame will not rust or corrode and will keep looking great for years to come. 

Soft Close Porcelain Toilet Graphic

101. Soft Close Porcelain Toilet

The Dometic RV toilet may actually be better than the common residential bowl. With its powerful bowl-clearing flush, modern rimless design, full-size ceramic bowl and home-like seat height, the Dometic 310 toilet provides unmatched performance. The hygienic hands-free foot pedal with adjustable water level simultaneously helps conserve water while providing a robust flush. The full-size ceramic bowl and seat height deliver comfort while living mobile. The watertight flush ball system maintains water in the bowl at all times, meaning any unpleasant odors are kept in the waste holding tank. Perhaps best of all,with a soft close seat and lid there’s no accidental slamming shut in the middle of the night to wake anyone up. The seat is also enameled for easy cleaning and is solid in design without the honeycomb found under most RV toilets that collects filth and is hard to clean.

Prepped For The Most Common Upgrades Graphic

102. Prepped For The Most Common Upgrades

We surveyed thousands of RV owners to learn the good, the bad, and the ugly of owners’ experiences, and a common issue was the difficulty of upgrading later. Not everyone wants to buy every option available when they buy a new RV, and needs can change. Upgrades become a big hassle if not properly prepped. We identified the eight most common upgrades after the sale and made them as easy as possible to add later.


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