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When you are on the road in your RV, sometimes, the easiest and safest way to spend the night is by pulling into an RV-friendly parking lot. Parking lots can be a much more cost-effective and convenient RV overnight solution when you’re traveling, as opposed to planning your route around RV parks and campgrounds. You can save money and travel time by knowing how to find free RV locations, such as RV-friendly parking lots.

Learn everything you need to know about parking your RV overnight in a parking lot. Find out which lots are friendly to RV campers and motorhome travelers, along with how to keep from getting kicked-out or ticketed. And, discover where you can legally and safely park your RV overnight for free.

RV Parking Lot Overnight Guide: Safe and Legal RV Parking Spots – 2021

When you’ve been driving your RV since dawn, you’ve got another day of driving ahead, and you need some shut-eye for the night, the parking lot looks like the perfect stop. And, sometimes, it is – but, parking your RV in just any parking lot can just as easily get you ticketed or kicked-out in a hurry. Not every parking lot is friendly to RV overnighters, but plenty are – you just have to know which ones to look for.

Another concern when boondocking for the night in a parking lot is to make sure it is safe. Plenty of parking lots lack security monitoring and adequate lighting, which can make you vulnerable to unwanted guests. But, it is easy enough to avoid these situations, and if you know what to look for, it’s easy to find a safe lot where you can park your RV for the night.

Many Walmart Locations Welcome Overnight RV Parking

One of the most popular overnight parking lot destinations for RV travelers is Walmart. In addition to the sample space that Walmarts lots afford, you can stock up on any needed supplies. But, the reason it is the best choice for RVers is the security.

Walmart lots always have security cameras on the light poles, 24-hour lighting, and security workers in the 24-hour store – just steps away from your RV. When it comes to free overnight RV parking when on the road, it doesn't get much safer or more convenient than shacking up at Walmart.

That being said, not every Walmart location allows overnight RV parking in their lot. But, to make it easy for travelers, the company publishes an interactive map of RV-friendly locations. Whereas most locations allow and welcome RV travelers to park overnight, locations that do not allow it are marked with a red “X” on the map.

Most Casinos Welcome Overnight RV Parking

Whether you’re feeling lucky enough to gamble or not – getting free overnight RV parking at a casino is lucky enough. It isn’t hard to imagine why casinos offer a free place in the parking lot for RVers to spend the night. After all, casinos want anyone and everyone they can get to stay the night.

But, the gambling aside, casinos are an ideal overnight RV solution for several reasons. Like Walmart, casinos have heavy surveillance and a lot of lights in the parking lot, as well as security personnel on-duty all through the night. Unlike Walmart, casinos offer better dining options, if you want to use your savings from free RV parking on a meal in one of the casino's restaurants.

When you’re looking for somewhere to stop on the road, the decision might come down to the most convenient location. Just make sure that the casino on your route is accepting overnight RVers. Check out this interactive map of RV-friendly casinos to see the RV policy and cost details.

Some Truck Stops Welcome Overnight RV Parking

Truck stops are not the most glamorous option, and the food options don’t compare to the casino, but they are one of the most convenient options for overnight RV parking. Some sure-fire bets for overnight RV parking lots are Loves and Flying-J truck stops, as well as Pilot Travel Centers. Check out this list of truck stops by state that accommodates traveling RVers.

Be careful parking at a truck stop where you don’t see any other RV’s, and always be sure to ask the establishment if they accommodate overnight RV parking. The benefit of staying overnight in the lot of a truck stop is you know that gas is close-by for refueling in the morning.

When you become comfortable and aware of the overnight RV options all around, you start to see how much your RV opens up the world to travel. So, make sure your RV is up to the task. Talk to an RV associate about how to make the most of your parking lot overnighters with a toy hauler or 5th-wheel RV.


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