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Your motorhome can become a home away from home with the right RV upgrades and improvements. Many of the luxuries you enjoy at home can be accessible in your RV, as well, like internet access, AC electricity, streaming to a big screen, and ice in abundance. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make your RV feel more like a home on wheels.

Learn how to upgrade your RV with some simple and luxurious additions. Find out how to upgrade your RV with smart home products, your Wifi access, and more. And, see what the best addition to your RV is for an instant luxury upgrade.

Top Luxury RV Upgrades – 2021: How to Upgrade Your RV Experience

Camping in an RV upgrades the conditions in which you live while traveling to that of a hotel on wheels. That is if you put the time and effort into creating a luxury RV experience. And, you can make some simple additions and changes to your RV to expand your RVs functionality and conveniences.

The spring weather in America is at your doorstep, and wilderness beckons you to take to the road – and beyond. As an RV owner knows – RVing can be stressful from time to time, since you are often camping in a somewhat secluded area when something goes wrong. So, this season, add the conveniences that will make your life on the road a bit easier and your adventures more about enjoying the natural scenery that the country has to offer.

The fun of camping in your RV is to get way out in nature, beyond all signs of civilization, but trouble can arise when you are boondocking in the sticks. Every RVer needs a standard boondockers emergency kit in case of emergencies, regardless of how fancy your RV is. But, when you’re ready to take your RVing experience to the next level, here are some of the most recommended luxury and convenience upgrades for your RV:

Wifi Boosters and Cell Signal Boosters Upgrade Your RV Internet

The best RV upgrade to have the most immediate impact on the convenience of traveling in your RV is to add wifi and/or cell signal booster. If you have a smartphone through any major carrier it probably includes a data plan for mobile internet hotspot connectivity. By turning on your mobile hotspot, your smartphone produces a Wifi signal to which you can connect devices.

If your plan includes a limited amount of data you should upgrade to an unlimited data plan. An unlimited data plan enables you to freely utilize internet connectivity while you are in-network, but what about when you take your RV outside the range of cell signal? That is where a cell signal booster comes in.

A signal booster is a piece of hardware, no larger than a standard internet router, that increases your signal to cell data. It works by using third-party cell towers to amplify your carrier's data signal, like a magnifying glass. So, in any location where you receive even a tiny signal, your booster magnifies it through nearby towers to increase your number of bars.

Another option is to invest in a mobile hotspot router, which requires its data plan. And, since the signal it receives comes from the same kind of data towers as that of your cell data, you can encounter the same issues with signal strength if you are out in the boondocks. A Wifi signal booster, therefore, provides the same range extension as a cell signal booster – but for your mobile internet hotspot.

Add an Outdoor RV Entertainment System

RV living is a beautiful hybrid lifestyle, of appreciating nature's beauty, while benefiting from some of Civilizations' essential conveniences. And, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a movie night outdoors while the campfire crackles next to you. And, since your signal booster gives you access to the internet just about anywhere in the world, upgrade your RV streaming experience by adding an outdoor television or media projector entertainment system.

Projectors are widely available for outdoor use, as are projector screens. When you are on the road, you can either stow your entertainment equipment, or you can get special tv mounts that are designed for RVs and campers. The most luxurious setup is to install a pull-down projector screen on the side of your RV, and simply set up a projector stand next to your viewing location.

Upgrade to Smart Devices, Controls, and Appliances

The age of smart-tech is upon you, and you probably never thought that it could be a great addition to your RV. But, smart controls for your RV give you more control over your rig, whether you are at camp or away. The benefits of smart controls include remote security monitoring, easy-control awning, remote temperature control, and more.

You can upgrade to an all-in-one smart RV system, or you can gradually upgrade your RV in the same way you might for your home. Add a Ring Smart Doorbell for security, a Nest thermostat for temperature control, and Phillips Hue lightbulbs for smart lighting controls. And, even integrate your smart TV capabilities to your smart home hubs, like an Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Get an Automatic Ice Maker for the Counter

With so much priority on internet-connected upgrades, an ice machine might sound a little silly – but it’s well worth it. In the same way that a hot drink makes you feel human on a bitterly cold day – on those blisteringly hot days, you can’t enjoy your RVs new-found internet connectivity without some ice-cold hydration. A countertop ice machine makes the difference between feeling at-home in your travels or like you are roughin’ it.

Get an RV Gasoline Generator for When “Stuff” Happens

Your RV is a home on wheels, but every home relies on power. An RV can get power by three main means. The standard means of powering your RV is shore power, supplied at your RV campsite power hookup. But you won’t find any power hookups so easily available when you take your RV into the boondocks.

The second means of supplying power to your RV is by investing in a professional RV solar panel installation. Solar power is great for RVs but talks to a professional about the best solar choice for your RV. The third and most convenient means of supplying power is a standard gasoline generator.

A gasoline generator can stow easily in the storage areas of your RV, and there is nothing better at providing remote power access when you are boondocking in your RV. A portable RV generator provides Alternating Current (AC) power, to which you can plug-in any standard electrical appliances, as well as run your RVs air conditioner, and charge your RVs battery.

Your generator is essential for providing power when you would otherwise be without, and it enables the use of your internet-connected devices. These are just a few of the most accessible ways to improve your RV experience, and there are many more. Talk to an Alliance RV associate to learn more about luxury RV upgrades and how to improve your RV boondocking experience.


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