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A 5th wheel camper is a home on wheels that offers the most spacious accommodations and luxurious amenities of any other type of RV. Unlike a motorhome, 5th wheel RVs tow behind a truck or other vehicle, giving you more mobility than a Class-A or Class-C. And, 5th wheel campers are a cost-effective alternative to the expensive and ongoing costs associated with hotel lodging, restaurant eating, and air travel.

Learn everything you need to know about the uses, features, and benefits of a 5th wheel RV. Find out what accommodations are designed into high-end RVs like the Alliance Paradigm 5th Wheel. And, discover how a 5th wheel can enhance and improve your RV experience through intentional design and expert engineering, to offer more convenience than you ever thought an RV could.

What is a 5th Wheel Camper? Features and Benefits of a Fifth Wheel RV

A 5th wheel camper is an all-in-one luxury solution for the ultimate family road trip. 5th wheels are the most popular type of RV for cross-country adventuring, boondocking, and all kinds of travel. These RVs offer more luxury conveniences, square footage, and residential features than any other camper.

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To tow a 5th wheel RV you need a special hitch, as well as a truck that can handle the weight. Towing a fifth wheel RV requires at least a one-ton full-bed tow truck. To distribute the weight of the RV properly, the hitch is coupled with the bed of the truck, instead of a typical rear trailer hitch.

5th wheels are designed to comfortably accommodate between 6 to 8 people. The interior of the RV often features a large kitchen with residential appliances, a living space with multiple couches, multiple bedrooms, and pull-out sleepers, and spacious bathrooms. On the exterior, 5th wheels come with multiple slide-out partitions, 2 to 3 extendable awnings, and utility hookups for water, electricity, and more.

What is the Meaning of “5th Wheel?”

Why is a 5th wheel RV called a “5th wheel?” You might notice that there doesn’t seem to be a “5th wheel.” The etymology of the name comes from horse-drawn carriages in the late-18th and into the 19th Century. These carriages featured a horizontal wheel which allowed the front axle to swivel.

Today, RV’s no longer feature the fifth wheel on the front axle. Instead, the wheel was replaced with the 5th wheel hitch as you know it today. But, the name “5th wheel” is still used to describe the necessity of an extra pivot point to handle heavier loads. The camper is attached to the U-shaped hitch, which enables the extra swivel and support needed to haul the weight of your RV.

Benefits of a 5th Wheel RV vs Class-A Motorhome

A 5th wheel RV offers many of the same benefits and amenities as a Class-A motorhome, with one big difference. A motorhome features an onboard motor, whereas a 5th wheel camper does not. This affects almost every aspect of your usage, cost, and ongoing maintenance.

A motorhome powers itself, which means you are buying a truck and RV in one. But, a motorhome that is the same size as a 5th wheel is significantly more difficult with which to travel. The difference comes down to hauling a trailer vs driving a Greyhound bus. And, needless to say, driving a bus into the woods is harder than hauling a trailer.

A 5th wheel virtually travels anywhere your truck can travel, offering greater freedom and accessibility to dispersed camping grounds, and off-the-grid boondocking. And, since it does not include a means by which to propel itself, 5th wheels are much more affordable than motorhomes, while providing just as much – if not more square footage and amenities.

No Need to Tow an Extra Vehicle – You Already Have One

When traveling with a motorhome you are bound to the mobility it provides, or you bring along. Often, people tow a vehicle behind their motorhome, which adds to the weight and increases fuel consumption on the road. With a 5th wheel, your truck serves as an auxiliary vehicle without the need to haul an extra car.

5th Wheels Make for Easy Overnighters When Traveling

When you travel with a 5th wheel, you can overnight in a variety of different locations, and often you can do it for free. Simply pull into a Walmart parking lot or Casino parking lot, unhook your RV, and you are free to explore the surrounding area. Just make sure that you are camping in an RV-friendly spot.

More Space Means More Fun

Class-A motorhomes include a cockpit, which uses up valuable square-footage in the living space. The extra space offered in a 5th wheel means that you can store all your gear inside, instead of on the roof or otherwise in the open. So, pulling into a parking lot or campground overnight, you know that your belongings are safe.

Infinitely Upgradable for Better Boondocking

A 5th wheel is outfitted with many of the conveniences that make RV travel more enjoyable than tent camping. Many are designed with built-in Wifi and cell signal boosters, as well as AC converters so you can easily plug in your appliances. And, you can expand your 5th wheels capabilities by having solar panels installed, upgrading to smart appliances, and so much more.

A 5th wheel RV is a luxury apartment on wheels, providing everything you need to travel and live on the road or in nature. Are you ready to make this year the best camping of your life? Talk to an Alliance RV associate to learn more about the features and amenities included in a Paradigm 5th Wheel Camper.


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