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Toy haulers are made to bring your dirtbikes, kayaks, ATVs – and other toys – in your RV. In essence, a toy hauler is a 5th wheel RV with a built-in garage for “toys.” And, toy hauler RVs are designed with tons of other features to accommodate your weekend warrior and boondocking adventures.

Learn everything you need to know about toy hauler RVs and how they work. Find out how high-quality RVs, like the Alliance Valor Toy Hauler, provide a luxury camping and boondocking experience like no other. And, see how designers customize toy haulers for the special needs associated with that which you haul in the onboard garage.

What are Toy Haulers? Your Total Guide to Toy Hauler 5th Wheels

Toy haulers are a type of RV that features on-board garage space for hauling your kayaks, ATVs, and other weekend-warrior toys. Instead of strapping your toys to the rook or hauling them behind your RV, a toy hauler keeps it all inside the camper while in transit, and converts it back into living space when not hauling toys.

A toy hauler RV features many of the luxury amenities as a 5th wheel RV, thanks to the garages convertible features. When empty, the garage area converts into a living space or sleeping space, with two couches that fold into beds, as well as a bed that lowers from the ceiling. And, on top of extra sleeping space, the garage area opens into a fully functional porch once the garage is unloaded.

To unload equipment and toys from the garage, the rear end of the RV hinges down to serve as a ramp. Then, the ramp rises to level with the RV, becoming the deck of your porch. And, the exterior of the RV stores a built-in air compressor and gas pump for filling up your toys with air and gasoline.

What are the Best Uses for a Toy Hauler RV?

If you love getting out into nature and adventuring into the wild, a toy hauler is a great choice. They are perfect for hauling boats, bikes, 4-wheelers, dune buggies, and anything else you could want while adventuring across the United States. You can even fit a small car in the garage of a toy hauler RV, like a MINI Cooper or Zipcar.

Toy haulers allow you to set up camp closer to your activity areas. And, it provides the kind of accommodations to enable you to enjoy your outdoor recreations for longer directions. With onboard restrooms, as well as a mobile fueling station built into your camper, you can stay on the lake or the trails all day and night.

Another popular venue in which to make exemplary use of your toy hauler is using it for tailgating. Setting up your toy hauler for a day of team-spirited fun is the perfect way to make use of your camper's open-air patio space. And, with a built-in outdoor flatscreen TV, your RV is the tailgating hub for as many friends as you can handle.

What's the Difference Between a Toy Hauler and a 5th Wheel Camper?

Toy haulers are not mutually exclusive to 5th wheels, since you can also find toy hauler motorhomes for sale. The difference between a 5th wheel toy hauler and a motorhome toy hauler is vast – both, in price and utility. The greatest advantage to a toy hauler 5th wheel is mobility.

Unlike a motorhome, you can set up your toy hauler 5th wheel wherever you want, and still have the freedom of mobility. Once your RV is set and level, you are free to disconnect your truck for easy transportation. With a mobile home, you are bound by the mobility of your RV for any trips, like beer runs or grilling essentials. And, if you want to bring an auxiliary vehicle, you are going to get less space for toys in the garage.

Toy haulers are heavier than their 5th wheel counterparts to account for the extra weight of the toys you haul, so be sure your truck is up to the task. Because, if you want an RV that brings together convenient mobility, residential conveniences, and adventure – you can’t go wrong with a toy hauler camper. Talk to an Alliance RV associate to learn more about toy haulers and to take a full walkthrough of our luxury 5th wheel campers.


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