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Whether your RV takes you across town or the country, a breakdown means you need roadside assistance. Unlike a general auto mechanic, RV mechanics are harder to come by in Anytown, America, and it is impossible to push your car off the road like you would if your car breaks down. Carrying RV roadside assistance coverage can give you vital help in an otherwise hazardous situation, and get your trip back on track.

Learn everything you need to know about roadside assistance for your RV. Find out how it can help in a variety of situations, and what assistance is provided. And, see how it helps protect you and your RV travelers from breaking down and getting stranded in the middle of the road.

Everything you Need to Know About Roadside Assistance for Your RV

A roadside assistance benefit can make a vital difference if your RV is a fifth wheel, toy hauler, or any other trailer RV. If your standard automobile breaks down on the highway it is easy enough to simply put the gear in neutral and push it safely to the shoulder. Now, imagine what would happen if you break down on the highway while towing a fifth-wheel RV.

In a breakdown situation, while towing a travel trailer, it is impossible to get your RV to safety through sheer brute force. In such a situation, roadside assistance comes to the rescue. Roadside RV services are available to build into an RV insurance policy or your standard auto insurance policy. The most financially advantageous benefit this insurance offers is coverage for the costs of towing your RV to a mechanic.

Why Does Having a Roadside RV Assistance Plan Matter?

In most cases, a breakdown occurs as a result of something besides an auto accident. Usually, it happens because of a popped tire, dead battery, or other mechanical failures. And, in such an instance, your standard auto liability won’t approve a claim that doesn’t involve an incident with a third party. Roadside RV coverage exists for this exact kind of scenario.

If you don’t have roadside assistance, the first thing you do when a breakdown occurs is to call a tow truck. Usually, RV owners like to travel with their rig a moderate distance away from their usual stomping grounds, meaning you have to call around to the local towing companies to find one that accommodates your rig. With a roadside assistance plan, no matter what time of day or where you are, a tow truck or mechanic will come out to help you.

In general, a roadside plan includes benefits like unlimited 24/7 RV towing, tire changes, battery service, roadside mobile mechanic, lockout assistance, and emergency fuel and fluid delivery. In the event of a breakdown, RV owners with roadside assistance plans are back up and running in as timely a fashion as possible, and with minimal disruption. On the other hand, owners without a roadside plan are left to manage on their own – logistically and financially.

Should You Add Roadside RV Coverage to Your Policy?

The choice of adding roadside coverage for your RV is determined by your budget and RV usage. If you own a used RV that gets minimal use, you might not want to pay for the extra benefits. If, however, your RV is a hallmark of your travel, vacations, or you are a full-timer, a roadside coverage plan is high-value.

Every insurance company differs in the coverage options they extend to RV owners. If you are interested in adding it to your current policy, talk to your insurance representative and ask if they offer roadside coverage for your fifth-wheel RV. And, talk to an Alliance RV associate to learn more about whether a roadside assistance plan is a right choice to protect your RV.


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