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An update from   
Coley and Ryan

We're excited to bring your our first 2023 digital newsletter. We want to give our Allies an update on where we are as a company and some insight about our plans for the coming year!


Coley & Ryan Brady


Happy New Year Allies!

Let me update you on Alliance Rallies and on the Alliance RV Owners Forum.


The 2023 Alliance RV “Ally Rally” is just around the corner. Over 500 Allies, representing nearly 250 Alliance RVs, will be making their way to Elkhart County for the rally taking place May 31 – June 2.

Last year’s Ally Rally was a huge hit and it marked the first time the event has been held at the Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds. This year appears to be no exception as registration for the rally sold out within 5 hours.

For those that registered, especially our first-timers, prepare for an amazing time with great food, games, live music and entertainment, lifestyle and product workshops, and most importantly enjoying the company of fellow Allies from across North America.

Periodic rally updates will be emailed to all registered attendees. Between updates, if you have questions, we encourage you to go to the Rally Website (link) and browse the various pages there. Be sure to read through the FAQ page as it has answers to the most frequently asked questions about the rally.

For those who can’t make this year's event or couldn’t get registered, consider joining one of the many Regional Rallies that are planned around North America. Learn more on that below.


2022 was a great year for Alliance rallies. Our Allies planned and hosted 4 Regional Rallies. Thank you to all of our Rally Hosts - we truly appreciate you and all that you are doing for our Allies.

Thank you also to those Allies that were able to join us for our 2022 Ally Rally in Goshen, Indiana this past May. It was a blast!

2023 is shaping up nicely for rallies. Below is a list of the upcoming 2023 Alliance RV Regional Rallies:

  • Florida: 2nd Annual Southern Ally Rally - Auburndale, FL - Mar 2-5
  • Texas: Texas Ally Rally - Galveston, TX - May 4-7
  • Michigan: Michigan Summer Rally - Mancelona, MI - June 16-18
  • Minnesota: MN Fam-Ally Rally - July 20-24
  • Oregon: 3rd Annual Pac NW Ally Rally - Canyonville, OR - July 27-30
  • Michigan: Michigan Fally Rally - Traverse City, MI - September 8-11
  • Texas: Alliance RV FamAlly Cruise - Galveston, Texas to Western Caribbean - Oct 15-22 - Facebook link

There are a number of ways to find upcoming rallies and learn more about them.  
Below are 3 ways:

  1. Alliance RV Group Facebook group  
    We do our best to list all rallies as events on our Facebook group.  
    Here’s a link to the Events area of our group.
  2. Alliance RV Owners Forum  
    For those not on Facebook, we do our best to list all rallies on the Forum.  
    Here’s a link to that area on the forum.
  3. Ally Rally website  
    We’ve recently created an All Rallies page on the new Ally Rally website.  
    Here a link to that page.

Your Alliance RV Owners Forum (link)continues to grow. We now have over 1,500 unique members who’ve created nearly 800 separate threads containing nearly 3,700 posts (replies).

Some may be wondering, what is the forum and how is it different from Facebook?

Facebook is an amazing online space where any person, company or group at any time, may create a page or group for their own use. At this time, there are nearly 30 Alliance RV related Facebook pages and groups. The Alliance RV Group Facebook group (link) is our primary Facebook channel for communicating with our Allies.

The Alliance RV Owners Forum is an online space that is managed by Alliance RV. While Alliance RV and RV Lifestyle related conversations occur there, the forum as we see it will be mostly used as a space to have more technical conversations about the product and RVing. The information there is organized in categories, making it easy to poke around and read what’s being discussed. The forum is also easily searchable using the search tool.

Some have asked, what’s the best way to read the forum. I think the answer to this is different for everyone. Some may only be interested in conversations about their Alliance brand. As such, we have sections just for Avenue, Paradigm and Valor.

Others may want to learn about what owners are saying about a specific appliance. For that, you can easily find the Appliances section as well as many other specific sections.

And finally, forum regulars typically want to read only posts that are “New to them”. For them, they use the “What’s New” menu item.

What’s New!  
The “What’s New” menu item is a great way for active forum members to read the forum. When you click the “What’s New” menu item at the top of any forum page, you will see a list of all the existing threads that have new content (new to you) in them. They appear in bold font. As you read them, they become unbolded.

Mobile Response - What's New

Mobile Responsive  
Did you know the Alliance RV Owners Forum is easy to read from a mobile device? No need to use a special app, though we do support Tapatalk. Below is an example of what the forum looks like on a smartphone. Note that the “What’s New” on a mobile device is the Lighting Bolt symbol in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Member Forum Mobile


I’m wishing our Allies safe and memorable travels in 2023!

- Jim Beletti, Owner Experience Liaison, Alliance RV




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