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Product Development - Valor Travel Trailer

The Alliance product development team has been busy the last few months developing a Valor travel trailer. The first model will be a 33T13 (viewed below). The next several months will be spent rounding out this lineup. Garage sizes will range from 11’ to 18’ lengths. This is a very exciting step, not only for the Valor product team but also Alliance RV as it enters the ever-popular travel trailer market. Following suit with the Valor fifth wheel, the travel trailer will be top of the line and will share a lot of the same sought after features and aesthetics. The travel trailers will be hitting dealers lots in late summer.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any comments or suggestions at

- Jeremiah Dumka, General Manager - Paradigm and Valor




Hello Allies!

Have you ever been to an RV rally? What are they, really?

Over the years, I’ve been to a number of RV rallies. Most of them were brand specific but some of them were for all brands.

What is a brand-specific RV rally, and what happens at them?
In my experience, they generally include the following:

  • A gathering of RV owners of a specific brand
  • Almost always held at a campground
  • Often held over a weekend
  • Often includes a meet-and-greet of some sort on the evening of the first day
  • Often includes some sightseeing in the area of the rally
  • Usually includes rig tours, show-and-tell / idea sharing on decorating, modifications, repairs, travel plans and planning etc.
  • Often includes a potluck meal, campfires, story telling / sharing
  • Most definitely results in new friendships being made, existing friendships strengthened, and a great sense of camaraderie being developed amongst the group
  • In many cases, the RV manufacturer is asked to get involved in some manner (have a rep on-hand, sponsor a meal, supply swag, prizes etc)
  • In some cases, a nearby RV dealership that carries the brand is asked to get involved in some manner (have a tech on-hand for minor repairs, sponsor a meal, supply prizes etc.)

In summary for brand-specific rallies, they tend to be more intimate and singular-focused on your brand. I feel this creates a special bond, not only between you and your manufacturer, but also between you and fellow rally attendees. After your first one, you’ll very much look forward to the next one. I would encourage all owners to take in as many rallies as they can. Once you attend a few, you’ll notice differences between them. These differences reflect the diversity of not only the rally hosts, but the area the rally is held in and the attendees at those rallies. I have found this diversity to be a real strength within a brand and amongst its owners.

How is a rally for all-brands different from a brand-specific rally?
In many ways, they are similar; however, here’s a few differences I’ve experienced:

  • Less discussion and learning about specific RV brands, and more focus on RVs and RVing in general
  • Less RV manufacturer support (reps, dealers, service, sponsorship, swag etc.)
  • There’s usually a fee to attend
  • They tend to be hosted by large clubs or organizations (Escapees, FMCA, Good Sam etc.)
  • They tend to have large vendor displays and participation

And while all-brands rallies are different and may not be as intimate as brand-specific rallies, they should not be dismissed. They’re also fun and informative, and the differences can also enhance your RV lifestyle.

Speaking of rallies, how about some Alliance rallies? When and where are they?

Below is a list of upcoming 2022 Alliance RV related events of which we’re aware:

  • Texas: Texas Ally Rally - Kerrville, Texas - April 29 - May 2 Facebook link / Forum link
  • National: Alliance RV Ally Rally - Goshen, Indiana - May 25-27 Facebook link / Forum link
  • Oregon: Pac NW Ally Rally - Baker City, Oregon - July 28-31 Facebook link / Forum link
  • Michigan: Michigan Fall UP Rally - St. Ignace, Michigan - Sept 28 - Oct 1 Facebook link / Forum link
  • Texas: Alliance RV FamAlly Cruise - Galveston, Texas to Western Caribbean - Oct 22-28 - Facebook link

Try to make it to one or more Alliance related events this year. Doing so may really enhance your RV lifestyle.

I look forward to meeting many of our Allies at this year’s Alliance RV Ally Rally in Goshen, Indiana in late May!


- Jim Beletti, Owner Experience Liaison




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